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GTI Dimona

GTI Dimona Brasil FIA is an equity fund with 12 years of track record. It combines bottom up and top down analysis, seeking for assets whose market price is significantly below its fair value,  aiming to obtain positive real returns above than the main benchmarks, in the  medium to long term. We usually carry between 15 and 20 positions with sizes ranging from 3% to 15%.

Technical Information and Key Document 

Investment Goal: To generate solid long-term returns through equities investment. The fund seeks to outperform the IBOVESPA (Brazilian benckmark) through investments in stocks whose prices on are considered undervalued by the portfolio manager.

Target investors: The fund is aimed at investors in general who seek positive long-term returns, and who are willing to take risks inherent to the stock market.

Investor profile: Aggressive.

Beginning of the Fund: 11/30/2007

Initial investment: R$5,000.00 (or R$1,000.00 via digital platforms)

Minimum balance: R$5,000.00 (or R$1,000.00 via digital platforms)

Management fee: 2% p.y.

Performance fee: 15% above the IBOVESPA (with high-water mark), charged semiannually

Taxation: 15% over capital gain in redemption 

Base currency: BRL

ANBIMA category: stocks

CVM catogory: stocks

Fund manager: GTI Administração de Recursos Ltda.

Fund administrator: BNY Mellon Serviços Financeiros DTVM S/A

Custodian: BNY Mellon Serviços Financeiros DTVM S/A

Auditor: KPMG

Investment: Conversion of quotas in D + 1, after wire transfer of the funds

Redemption: can be done it two ways:

(i) Redemption without exit fee - date of conversion of quota in D + 15 *, and settlement in D + 2 * of the conversion date .

(ii) Redemption with exit fee - (4% charge over the total redemption amount, to be reverted to the fund) - date of conversion of the quota in D + 0 * and settlement in D + 2 * of the conversion date.

* or subsequent business day when the date falls on a holiday or weekend.

Bank information: GTI DIMONA BRASIL FIA

CNPJ 09.143.435/0001-60

Bank BNY Mellon Banco S.A

Number 17

Branch 001

Account number 2254-3

CBLC Code 2254-3

Digital Plataforms for distribution: Orama, Mirae, Sofisa, Terra, Nova FuturaNecton, BTG Digital, Banco Inter (for the last two please send an e-mail to your investmend advisor in the platform), and BNY Mellon.

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